Camp Council

The Purpose of the Camp Council

The purpose of the three-member Council is to devise and recommend measures to help ensure the financial stability of the Camp and to fill vacancies which may occur in elected Camp. The longest serving member has priority in determining the Chair of the Council, if two competing have the same seniority, then alphabetically, beginning with A.

The activities of the Camp Council should include.
(a) Devising and recommending measures for preserving and increasing the funds of the Camp.
(b) Making the Camp's investments, leases, and other contracts.
(c) Secure a place of meeting.
(d) Settling and disposing of all disputed accounts between the Camp Treasurer and Brothers of the Camp.
(e) Examine and pass upon all accounts and bills incurred by any officer or committee or the Camp.
(e) Examining the books, vouchers and other papers of the different officers.
(f) Reviewing and passing upon a quarterly financial report of the Camp.
(g) Rendering a complete report showing its transactions and the financial condition of the Camp at the end of each calendar year.
(h) Filling for the unexpired term by of a majority vote of the Council any vacancy which may occur in an elected Camp office.