Henry Procter

Pvt Henry Procter (1841-1927)

Private Henry Procter, the 2nd great-grandfather of brother Louis Mosier, was born in Gisburn, Yorkshire (now Lancashire), England on Oct 28, 1841 to William Procter and Jane (Hewitt) Procter. Henry, his parents, and four siblings immigrated to America in about 1854 when Henry was 14. The family ended up settling in Arcadia, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin.

Henry Procter enlisted in Company C, 30th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment at Galesville, Wisconsin in August 1862. He initially assisted with enforcing the draft and escorting prisoners from the Ozaukee draft riot. In March 1863, the 30th Regiment was ordered to remain in the state to enforce the draft and handle Indian problems per request of Wisconsin's Governor. In July the Regiment was sent to New Lisbon, Wisconsin to quell an Indian disturbance. It was in New Lisbon in September 1863 when an altercation between Company C soldiers and civilians at New Lisbon resulted in the death of one civilian and one soldier. Eight soldiers (including Pvt Procter) were charged with offenses and five were found guilty. Pvt Procter was one of three soldiers acquitted of charges. In March 1864, Henry's Regiment participated in Sully's Northwest Indian Expedition. Company C helped to establish and garrison Fort Rice, Dakota Territory, on the Missouri River until Oct 1864 when ordered to depart. In October they built flatboats and traveled downriver from Fort Rice to Missouri and establish camp at St. Joseph, Missouri in November. They were then ordered to Louisville, Kentucky for provost duty at military prison. The Regiment interdicted guerilla bands, helped capture and execute the notorious "Sue Mundy", escorted POWs to prison camps, etc. In June 1865 Pvt Procter was detailed as a cook at Branch Post Hospital (Louisville, Kentucky) before the regiment was mustered out of service in September 1865.

Henry was a resident of the Old Soldiers Home, Sawtelle, California from 1913 until his death in 1927.