Camp Junior Vice Commander

Eric Kirk

Eric Kirk, Junior Vice-Commander, grew up near Woodstock, NY in the Catskill mountains. He has enjoyed serving the public since age 16 and presently serves as a Fire Captain - Paramedic on Engine 3 in Portsmouth, VA and also works Part time at CHKD in Norfolk, VA as a Critical Care Neonatal and Pediatric Transport Paramedic. Eric also enjoys being a Photographer with and SCUBA dives whenever possible. Kirk has written two fictional novels and contributed to multiple EMS and Fire based periodicals. JVC Kirk joined the SUVCW, Brady Camp in 2018 and has served as JVC since 2019.

The Purpose of the Camp Junior Vice Commander

The purpose of the office of Junior Vice Commander is to assist with the recruitment and retention of Brothers (Members, Associates, and Juniors). The Junior Vice Commander shall assist the Commander and shall perform such duties as pertain to their office.

The activities of the Camp Junior Vice Commander should include:
(a) Contacting prospective Brothers whose names are supplied to the Camp by the Department Junior Vice Commander.
(b) Supplying prospective Brothers with membership materials including two membership applications, a copy of a SUVCW organization descriptive leaflet, and an invitation to the next Camp meeting.
(c) Keeping track of applicants' progress in completing membership applications.
(d) Encouraging delinquent Brothers to remain in the Order.
(e) Presiding at Camp meetings in the absence of both the Camp Commander and Senior Vice Camp Commander.
(f) Carrying out other responsibilities delegated to the office by the Camp Bylaws, Camp and Camp Commander.